Winter is coming …. Camping in the cold!!

Winter is coming……


There is no reason why camping can not be a year round activity. For those who live on the road it is!


Last year we travelled north to escape the cold though now we are back home in Melbourne we won’t let a little cold weather stop us from doing what we love.


Here are a few ways you can stay warm while camping in the cold and some of the essentials you will need.




A campfire is a must I say, whether it’s the middle of summer or the heart of winter you need to have a campfire. A campfire will not only keep you warm but it’s the best way to cook your meals and roast your marshmallows while camping.


You will need to do your research before you go as different places will have their own rules on the type of fire you can have. Some will require a fire pit, for those we recommend the SLOT ME IN portable fire pit and camp cooker.  Unfortunately a lot of caravan parks don’t allow fires which is one reason we love a free camp or national park and of course you need to check the local fire restrictions.





This one is pretty obvious. Put on those layers, however try and stick to three, you want to be able to move. Picking the right fabric will help keep you warm and dry. Thermals on the bottom with something water proof on the top.


Backpacking Light are a fabulous independently owned store that stock a great range of light weight gear for all occasions and budgets. Have a look through their wide range of brands and if you have any questions their staff will advise on which gear is most suitable for your needs.





A good sleeping bag is paramount when camping in the cold. There are different ratings for different climates and different fills. Sleeping bags come in either a down or synthetic fill so make sure you do your research and invest in one you know will suit your camping needs.

Studies show that what you have under you is more important in keeping you warm than what is on top of you. So finding the perfect bed to sleep on is a big deal. A closed cell mat insulates much better than an air mattress, so again do some investigating before you buy.  We recommend having a look at the range at Novapro Sport and having a read of their blog on how to choose the right sleep mat.

And don’t forget the good old hot water bottle!!!






We all know how good a hot meal is on a cold winters day, and what’s better than sitting around that camp fire enjoying a camp oven roast dinner!! If that doesn’t have you organising your next trip think about the hot chocolate whilst you toast your marshmallows 🙂


Other than just warming you up, food is important while camping in winter as your body is burning extra calories to keep warm so  you need to make sure you are eating food that will give you that energy. Foods like protein, nuts, carbs ect. and as always, stay hydrated!


Head over to our recipes page to get some inspiration.




Stay Active!!


Get that blood pumping. Go for walks, see the sights. Everything looks so beautiful and green in the middle of winter.



We would love to hear how you keep warm camping in winter and where your favourite winter getaways are? Feel free to comment below on contact us here or on Facebook.


Wild Earth have an amazing range of camping gear and inspirations help set yourself up for a warm winter getaway.

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