4 Ways to say fit while travelling

Living on the road is essentially a very long holiday and I’m sure there isn’t many of us that don’t like to overindulge when away. Let’s face it who doesn’t love camping happy hour!  However, a drink or 2 with some cheese and crackers will soon catch up with you. Trust me after 6 weeks on the road I was starting to notice my clothes getting a little tighter!!

So here are 4 easy ways to stay fit when living on the road. 4 methods you can use to stay fit and still feel like you’re on holidays.

1. Keep the sometimes food to sometimes!!

Generally when I’m home I keep the drinking and treats to the weekend (though I maybe caught with the occasional mid week glass of wine or block of chocolate, depending what sort of day I’ve had with the kids). I like live with the moto ‘everything in moderation’.  Being on the road should be the same. Stick to drinking once or twice throughout the week and cook meals just like you would at home. Packing a lunch when you go sightseeing is also a good idea and helps with the budget too.

2. Do a 15 min routine in the morning

Doing a small workout routine in the morning is something I started to do once I noticed the weight starting to creep on. It’s a great way to start the day and actually helps with energy levels (which can sometimes be drained thanks to my darling children). There are plenty of workout apps which you can download or you can just make up your own. My kids love to get involved or just jump all over me, either way I’m happy they are active too.

I personally love The Healthy Mummy app, not only do they have some great exercise routines, they have meal plans and delicious smoothies!! Click here to get a your subscription for just $1 for 30 days … what a bargain!!!

3. Go for a swim

Swimming is great exercise and heaps of fun. Both our boys are obsessed with water and will do anything for a swim. If you are staying at a caravan park that has a pool swim a few laps while the kids are having a play. Alternatively we love to go on the hunt for a swimming hole, lake or river or head to the beach. You can find some beautiful places when you ask around with locals. Just make sure you check it’s safe from crocodiles and other wildlife.

A morning swim at Fruit Bat Falls.


4. Walks and hikes

Incorporate your sightseeing with your exercise and look for local walking tracks. I personally love waterfalls and always look to see if there are any nearby. Again asking locals is a great way to find some hidden stops or good old google and Wiki Camps is another great resource. Pack a healthy picnic lunch and make a day of it find the closest national park, they always have great walking or hiking tracks. Just make sure you pack plenty of food and water. Having a pair of walking shoes in the car can be handy. We quite often find a cool little walking track on our adventures and trust me from experience thongs just don’t cut it!!

Walking up to Emerald Creek Falls

Basically I try to incorporate our exercise into our holiday activities. Involve the kids and make it as fun as possible. Health is important but so is having fun, so make it fun and educate the kids about a healthy lifestyle and get them involved with the cooking too.


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