Joolca ensuite tent review

You know you love camping when you get as excited as I am right now about our Joolca ensuite tent.

Not an exaggeration, its like Christmas has come early (and if you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you how much I love Christmas).

There is nothing better than getting away and getting back to nature but that generally involves getting a bit dirty!

If, like us, you love to free camp and spend weeks or even months at a time away, then a shower and toilet are a must have and so is having a spacious tent to house them.

That’s why I was so excited when we set up our Joolca dual ensuite tent for the very first time.

I know you are thinking “but its just a tent” so here are the many reasons to get as enthusiastic as me!!

  • Firsty, as you can see in the video below it sets up in 1 minute. Yes space is important when you are camping but so is time. You don’t want to be spending hours setting up all you equipment so this is a big plus.

  • Secondly it is a dual ensuite tent, so it has 2 rooms. Separated by a zip up door so you can have one wet room where you shower and one dry room where you can get dressed and keep you portable toilet. And it is so spacious you can have the toilet in there and still have room to dry off and get dressed.

  • Now its really hard to pick my very favourite feature of the ensuite tent but this one is high on the list. It has a mesh edging on the floor so the water has somewhere to go and you don’t get left with a muddy puddle. It also has a small pull tab in the middle so you can lift the floor and drain off any excess water after your shower.

  • The inside has a sliver lining which stops the shadows showing through at night and keeps the tent cool.


  • It has a window so if you don’t mind showing off and you have set up camp on the beach like we did, you can enjoy the view while having a shower.

  • After the plumbing is installed once (which is quick and easy to do) you can pack it down with the tent. So all that needs to be done each time the tent is set up is connect the gas and water, flick the switch and you have a hot shower!!!

  • Sometimes its the smallest details that make the biggest impact and these little features like the towel rail and the soap compartment are really what impressed me the most!! (Or maybe its small things amuse small minds)

  • It comes with a roof that can be clipped on in seconds and the whole tent packs down to a compact size and comes with a handy carry bag.

So as you can see I am pretty impressed with our Joocla dual ensuite tent which doesn’t surprise me as we were happy with all our other Joocla products including the hottap which we have mounted to our camper trailer. We have also been using the Joocla Hottap Jacket which is great to keep the dust out whilst we are travelling.

You can buy all the Joolca products online here.

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