Cape York Adventure – Part 3

I am sure if you have read our Cape York Adventure – Part 1 and Part 2  you are keen to hear if the trip back was as eventful as the trip up.  Well it didn’t have as many mishaps but it was still a vital contribution to the Cape York adventure.

Day 1

After saying goodbye to all our amazing friends we met, we set off south. Because we had so many mishaps we bypassed Elliot Falls and Fruit Bat Falls on the way up which were high on our to do list. So the idea was to see them on the way back. Thankfully we did it this way as from speaking with others along the way we may have struggled getting through Scrubby Creek with the car and the camper trailer.

One of the great things about making friends in your travels is all the great recommendations you get. There were a few different people at Punsand Bay who had told us about a great camp site on the OTT at Sam’s Creek. Sam’s Creek was perfect, you could get to it via a bypass track and we could leave the camper trailer and go down to Elliot Falls in the car for a day trip as it is only a couple of kms down the track.

The drive down to Sam’s Creek wasn’t too bad considering it contained the worst part of the road for the whole trip (the 15kms south of the Jardine River had toddler tormenting corrugations that had both boys screaming).  The plan was to stay at Sam’s Creek for 2 nights. Although arriving at there before 12pm meant there was plenty of time to go to Elliot Falls that day.

Doing a bit more of the OTT was exciting. There was a couple more creek crossings on the way which definitely added to the adventure.

Elliot Falls

Definitely a must do on a trip up to Cape York.  There are 3 water falls in the one area all connected by a boardwalk. A surreal experience going from barren red dirt to tropical water falls you would have never guested were there.

Twin Falls

Not only is it a magnificent site, its also great for the kids as it is shallow so they can walk around and it was beautiful and warm. The only slight down side was we went later in the day which meant it had lots of people visiting, stirring up the water. Therefore it wasn’t as clear as it would be if we had gone earlier.

The family at Twin Falls
The saucepan

This was our favourite. It was like a beautiful big swimming pool that you could jump off the top into. We took great joy in taking turns jumping it . The walk on top of the falls is also amazing and there are a few little pools you can sit in and relax while you enjoy the scenery.

Day 2

Todays plan was to pack up early and venture down to camp the night Bramwell station with a stop in at Fruit Bat Falls and Lunch at Bramwell Junction. We were having a great day possibly the best we have had on the whole trip. We even had our friends we meant at Punsand Bay turn up at Bramwell Station.  But then we met the manager at Bramwell Station and that changed the mood of the day.

Firstly I will take about the positives of the day.

Fruit Bat Falls

What an amazing place for an morning swim. This time we got there early and the water was crystal clear. Just like Elliot Falls, Fruit Bat Falls is a spectacular site to see. Though it was a little cooler than Elliot Falls it was so refreshing and rejevenating.

After our swim we had some morning tea at the picnic tables and set off to Bramwell Junction for lunch.

Fruit Bat Falls
Bramwell Station

After lunch we went to Bramwell Station and set up camp from the night. We met another family with a young girl and the family with the 2 young boys we met at Punsand Bay had arrived. It was so great to see all the kids playing together and for us to have some adult conversation.

Bramwell Station do an all you can eat dinner and have live music every night. What a great way to end the trip!! And it was, the kids had a ball, the only down side was the manager was not very family friendly. Apparently despite having paid money for the kids meals they had to eat of our plates and weren’t allowed to use cutlery. The whole concept was quite ridiculous and we didn’t appreciated being threatened to be kicked out just for asking for a fork for my child. To be honest the food wasn’t that great either and they took your food and plates away before you go go back for more anyway so I would really call it “all you can it”.  Luckily we had such great company and we could move on and not let it ruin our night.

The number plate tree at Bramwell Junction
Day 3

Originally we were going to stop and camp a night in Coen then a night at Han River but once again we got on the road and the kids were behaving so we thought we would push it and get home a day early. Which meant going that bit further both days and camping at Musgrave again. Plus our friends were doing the same so we thought why not camp with them again.

This time we got to see the croc feeding too. Whilst it was a bit lack luster, it was still something for the kids.

So sad having to say good bye to great friends.

Well that was our trip to the tip! It had its ups and downs.  All in all it was a great experience and something we would defiantly like to do again, however we will wait until the boys are a bit older.

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