Cape York Adventure – Part 2

For those of you who have read our Cape York adventure part 1 you would know our trip didn’t necessarily start off as planned. The biggest problem was that our kids hated the corrugated roads. The rest was just all part of the adventure, plus it gives me a really good story to tell.

Well the rest of our trip got a lot better. Despite having a few sleepless nights, tantrums and arguments between ourselves all due the kids (very sorry to the people camped around us at Sesia). The rest of the trip made it all worth it and I am glad I can blog about something more than just my whinging children.


We arrived in Sesia on Saturday and decided to stay at the caravan park for 2 nights. Now the caravan park has 2 sections, the main section which has powered and unpowered and another unpowered section across the road which all the comments on Wiki Camps recommend staying away from, especially on Friday and Saturday due to loud music all night. When booking in nothing was said about being on the other side of the road, it wasn’t until they directed us to the site we realised where we would be camping. At this stage it was getting too late in the day to go all the way back and asking to change sites and we didn’t think it looked too bad, it was right on the beach.

Well Wiki Camps was right, there was music playing ALL night! Other than that it wasn’t too bad it, you had a nice view and it was a lovely walk along the beach to the wharf. With a beautiful view of the sunset. We also meet a lovely couple camped next to us and bumped into the group of people we camped next to at Archer River.

Two nights was defiantly enough here so we packed up Monday and moved further up north!

Sesia sunset

Punsand Bay

Now we love Wiki Camps but it almost made us skip Punsand Bay as the comments weren’t as good as some of the free camps but my Dad knows the owner and highly recommend it so we thought we would check it out for a couple of nights. Well we got there and once we saw our camp site we went and booked another night. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to stay on their trip to the tip.

The campsite was right on the most beautiful beach, the park has a great bar that do amazing woodfire pizzas and it has a pool. We regret not staying longer!

Camping on the beach at Punsand Bay

Wednesday morning we ventured to the tip but not before stopping at the croc tent to get some matching Cape York T-Shirts. Totally not something I would usually do but felt it just had to be done.

The walk up the rocks weren’t too bad, the kids both wanted to do it themselves which was great and they both got to about half way until it got windy and it was safer to carry them.

All was good we were all looking happy and cheerful in our matching clothes, got to the sign where a lovely gentleman offered to take our family photo when Vinnie noticed a rock pool and threw an almighty tantrum as we wanted a photo first hence our classic Kodak moment. We got as many photos as we could before dragging the screaming toddler back to the car.

At the tip

After that we headed east over to Somerset to have a look around. First we drove straight up to Fly Point which has got to be on par with Archer Point as the windiest places in the world. It was a beautiful sight to see, the ocean was a magical blue and the current was bubbling through the channel between Albany Island and the mainland.

There are a few things to see and do in the area including a 4WD track along the beach but unfortunately we timed it wrong and the tide was in which made it impossible to do. Somerset Beach was a tranquil setting and would be a great place to camp, we actually bumped into the group camped next to us a Musgrave who had camped there the night and said it was lovely and peaceful. There is a lot of history in the area also including some old grave stones and memorial plagues.

We couldn’t stay at Punsand Bay and not have their famous wood fire pizzas at the Corrugation Bar, they did live up to expectations and my recommendation is the Cape Yorker!! It went down well with the cold cider on tap.

Friends for life

The best part about Punsand bay and our whole trip was the people we met. Everybody is so friendly and has loads of stories and advice to share. It was especially great to meet other families like ours living on the road. I know our kids enjoyed the company of other kids their age and we enjoyed being able to have a chat and a drink with our parents going though the same experiences as us.



  1. Fantastic story. Wonderfully written and very evocative. Thank you very much for sharing. Apart from the plug and the mudguard how did the skamper hold up to the trip?

    1. Hi James
      Sorry I just realised I missed your comment on the Skamper Kamper. The Skamper has been great not bit of damage the whole trip we are really happy with it.

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