Camping is best when ruffing it | a trip with our fur mate

If you are an avid camper yourself, you know that a great trip is just not the same without your best (fur) mate. For many adventures up until 2016 we’ve travelled a lot without a pet, though now, we have our gorgeous Cattle Dog X pup and want to take her as far and wide as we can.

Of course, all outdoor adventures with Pets start with baby steps and a lot of learning. With that in mind we took Lilah on an experimental, first camping adventure to a local dog-friendly State Forest
Before we packed her into our back seat, I ran around the back yard and played to exercise her a little
Having her harnessed while driving is another learning point for us. Yes, she done very well on the collar & lead but having a harness would provide her a sturdier pull back when leaning for a corner, keeping her calm and also making it a lot safer for everyone in the car

Upon arrival to camp – we did our best to try and stay calm (hard to do as we were VERY keen to try out our new roof top tent for the first time) but we pushed through ha ha
Our camp had a creek nearby so we took a long calm walk down there for a swim with her before unpacking. Upon returning we moved around the site with her to put our scent everywhere and familiarise her as well. She picked her favourite spot and we attached her lead to a tree nearby.

If your fur-baby loves them – bring a marrow bone or Kong toy. For us, it’s best to only leave it with her during daylight hours (around 3am she digs up her bone and it sounds like T-rex is into something good)
A few must pack items!
– Favourite toy
– Bone/Kong toy
– Have up to date vaccinations
– Food & water bowls
– Dry & wet food
– Pet safe insect repellent
– Blanket/dog towel
– Poop bags (it’s a must-do courtesy to pick up)

At night we kept our routine as normal as we could, then before bed she enjoyed some time with us in front of the campfire. When it came time for bed we tucked her in at the bottom of the roof top tent ladder and wow she slept sound! …except for the midnight barking eruption at a bush turkey passing through our camp ha ha

Our first overnight adventure was an amazing success with our fur-baby. Working really hard on all of these points & more, is important to us as taking her on trips is something we wish to make more regular. We are already planning a longer trip for April 2018

Honestly, we would love to meet more like-minded people & share further tips on how your fur-mate travels with you!

article by Grace Keller

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Thank you Plan2Camp for featuring us & our fur mate!

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