Winter is coming …. Camping in the cold!!

Winter is coming……


There is no reason why camping can not be a year round activity. For those who live on the road it is!


Last year we travelled north to escape the cold though now we are back home in Melbourne we won’t let a little cold weather stop us from doing what we love.


Here are a few ways you can stay warm while camping in the cold and some of the essentials you will need.

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Camping Essentials – The ‘must have’ essentials oils when camping or caravanning

Camping Essentials – The ‘must have’ essentials oils when camping or caravanning

Written by: Jodanna Goddard, Mum and Owner of “Five in the Hive”

Camping is a great pastime – but there are often a few annoyances that are an unavoidable aspect of getting out and into nature. (Yes mosquitoes, I am talking about you!) Thankfully, there are some really great, natural ways to deal with a lot of common camping complaints and what’s even better?… they are easy to use, highly effective and surprisingly affordable!Continue Reading →

We live full time in a camper trailer – how has life changed since hitting the road?

Last year we were a pretty typical family living in the inner west in Sydney. Mum, Dad three kids - all with hectic and over scheduled lives, and (for mum and dad at least) stressful jobs and up to our eyeballs in mortgage. And then we decided to quit our jobs, sell our house and travel around Australia in a camper trailer. How has our life changed? You mean apart from going from having a house, being gainfully employed, and generally smelling quite delightful - to being homeless, unemployed, often unshowered transients? Our lives have transformed absolutely and completely. It would be easier to list what has stayed the same (Wine. Wine is a constant) but here are a few of the big differences. Differences that will hopefully carry over into our “real lives” when this adventure comes to an end.

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4 Ways to say fit while travelling

Living on the road is essentially a very long holiday and I’m sure there isn’t many of us that don’t like to overindulge when away. Let’s face it who doesn’t love camping happy hour!  However, a drink or 2 with some cheese and crackers will soon catch up with you. Trust me after 6 weeks on the road I was starting to notice my clothes getting a little tighter!! Continue Reading →