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Welcome to Plan2Camp!

We are passionate about travelling Australia and are dedicated to helping you plan your next camping trip.

Whether it be for a weekend away or the 'big lap' we have everything you need to get in our directory and shop and all the the tips and tricks you need to know about travelling Australia in our blog.

Doesn't matter if you are single, a couple, a family, retired, been living here your whole life or an overseas visitor we believe everyone should get out and see our beautiful country. 

Some of my best childhood memories are camping and I want to make sure my kids have the same. In 2016 we decided we needed a lifestyle change, so the planning began to hit the road with our two boys aged 1 & 2. It took some time to get everything we needed and get on the road. I wished there was somewhere I could get all the info I need in one central spot, hence the idea for plan2camp. We hope that our knowledge and experience can make planning your next trip a breeze. 

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