8 Ways you can afford to travel full time.

For a lot of people affording a week away is a struggle so the thought of travelling full time or for a long period of time is an impossible dream.

Travelling around Australia was a dream of mine for a very long time though I never thought it would be possible financially so I kept putting it off. It wasn’t until I endured the coldest winter ever with 2 sick kids that I sat down and did the research on how we could afford to escape the Melbourne winter and travel north to chase the sun.

I am now writing this in Far North Queensland sitting in the sun under the tropical palms trees in September. So trust me it is possible and here’s how.

1. Save Save Save
Using money you have saved or saving for the trip is a great way to travel. You can use our weekly camping budget (use the coupon code ‘Budget’) to work out how much money you may need per week to live off and multiple that by the number of weeks you plan to travel.
2. Work as you travel
Again this is another great way to travel. There are lots of websites and Facebook pages that advertise short term positions for travellers. They can vary from care takers at caravan parks to farm workers and fruit picking. They will quite often include accommodation too. A great resource is www.workaboutaustralia.com.au.
3. Travelling Business
Use your expertise on the road selling goods or services as you travel. A great one is hairdressing, offering fellow campers hair cuts. I know that’s something I would take advantage of! Another is selling coffee from the back of your Van. Good coffee sells!!
4. Travel Blogger

Blogging is very big at the moment and there is some good money to be made if you do it right. There is lots of information on the internet on how to blog and some really great websites hosts like BlueHost to help you get setup and Photolemur is a great and affordable  photo editing software to make your adventure shot look professional.

5. Work Your Job Remotely
This one might be a bit harder. Though I have met people lucky enough to do it so its not impossible. This is having a job you are able to do from anywhere.
6. Sell a business or take a redundancy 
One of the main reasons people pack up and travel is because they are looking for a change in lifestyle. So why not sell up your business and use the profits or take a voluntary redundancy if available to you.
7. Sell Your House 
This one is great if you are looking to downsize when you are ready to buy again. I would be mindful of how much you need to keep for a deposit on your next house though.
8. Rent Out Your House
Look in to how much your house will return in rent. You may be surprised! It may not be enough to fund your entire trip but it’s a contribution. If you are planning on travel for a set period of time there may be the possibility to pay interest only on your mortgage. You could also look at using a holiday rental company like AirBNB.


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