3 ways to use leftover bolongese or chilli con carne on the campfire

I am not actually sure if you can cook bolonese and not have leftovers. But when you are camping there isn’t always enough space for extra food.

So here are 3 very simple yet yummy ways you can use those leftover quickly. Great for lunch or even breaks the next day!!

Tip: Use tip lock bags to store your leftovers, that will save space in the fridge.

1. In a baked potato

Wrap potato in foil and bake in the coals of your campfire for around 30 mins. Then top with leftovers, sour cream and cheese. Simple and delicious!!

2. In a jaffle

This one is an oldie but a goodie!! Simply need a couple of slices of bread, some butter for the outside so it doesn’t stick to the jaffle and then fill with 2 slices of cheese and your leftovers.

3. In a stuffed capsicum

Mix your leftovers with some cooked rice. Slice the top of the capsicum and de seed. Stuff the capsicum with the mixture, put the lid back on, wrap in foil and bake on the hot coals for around 15 mins.


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